Ode to Summer Style: An August Swan Song


I know everyone gets REALLY excited about Fall fashion; I mean, boots, scarves, and coats make almost any outfit instantly chic. Layering brings new possibilities for trusted wardrobe staples. I get it.

Does anyone else just LIVE for summer style though? Delicate tops that you *can’t* wear under a jacket, shorts being much more socially acceptable, (finally) finding the right bathing suit and luxuriating in the sun and salt of the beach with friends?

I adore summer, and so instead of doing my typical fashion guide-book or a “what to wear this fall” type of blog post, I want to do a reflective post– a tribute of gratitude– that looks back at all the effortless, sun-drenched splendor of my favorite season.

Finding the right suit:

Man, I have tried all manner of bathing suits, and as someone who has struggled with body image my entire life, I get that a lot of people are like, “yeah, good riddance summer!” But when I found a bathing suit that made me feel like myself (I’m not talking about feeling “sexy,” although that’s cool if that’s your goal), I felt free to just enjoy my time swimming and/or sunbathing. The vitamin D and instant mood boost? Incomparble, friends.


Suit: Nu Swim; Bag: Baggu; Necklace: Merewif

The perfect delicate, white top that made me feel like Jane Birkin:


Top two photos: Blouse: _rawson; Scarf: Timshel ShopBag: Baggu; Shoes: LoQJeans and Earrings: thrifted

Bottom two photos: Bag: Marais USAShoes: Swedish HasbeensSunglasses: Crap Eyewear

Straw hats all day, every day that make you look instantly put together AND mask the fact that you haven’t washed your hair in a little while because summer:



Top: Hat: thrifted; Crop top: Paloma WoolBag: Marais USANecklace: MerewifRings: gifts from friends

Bottom two: Hat: SD Vintage Flea Market find; Top: handmade by Payge PriscillaShorts: EverlaneShoes: Swedish Hasbeens; Scrunchie: Lisa Says Gah

Easy, breezy white outfits (TBH, I wear monochrome white in the winter too, but in summer it just feels right!):


Mini skirts with simple, comfy tees and strappy sandals= the ultimate vacation outfit:


Tee: Everlane; Skirt: handmade by Payge Priscilla; Shoes: LoQ; Bag: Faithfull the BrandSunglasses: La Loupe Vintage; Necklace: Wolf Circus

Have I convinced you that summer style is actually really great and that we should enjoy the last few warm days before fall, rather than rushing into the next season?

My ulterior motive here (full disclosure!) is also to point out that our constant wishing for the next chapter in life causes us to miss out on the present, to feel dissatisfied with our lives and our wardrobes, and to continually consume without savoring what we have in its proper moment. Fashion has to do with our consumption habits, which are driven by our feelings of either satisfaction or restlessness. Moreover, fashion has a HUGE impact on our environment and social justice. Therefore, changes in the fashion industry (and our world) are directly related to our personal pursuit of presentness and joy. Crazy, right?

So let’s all slow down.

Put on your favorite, easy outfit. Then forget about your clothes. Breathe the warm summer air. Relish the warm glow of the long, lingering evening sunlight. Find the joy in being alive, in that small moment, even if everything else in the day (or let’s be real, sometimes in the season/year/few years) sapped your energy and took the wind out of your sails. Right now, right this second, you’re alive. And that’s beautiful.


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